Frequently Asked Questions

What about children?

It depends on the child and the challenge of your specific rafting trip. It is a fascinating, rewarding experience for a child who is prepared for an outdoor challenge, and who can easily adjust to the company of adults and the discipline that water and river safety requires. You know your child best. Most outfitters will have a minimum age for each Whitewater raft trip and all our recommended outfitters run family friendly Rogue trips. Most children are mature enough around age 6. Remember: it’s OK to ask if there are other children on the trip for your children to interact with.

How strenuous is whitewater rafting?

You will be active, but if you are in moderately good physical condition, the challenge will not strain you. There is little danger if you follow the safety rules in Whitewater rafting, do what your guide tells you and don't try to swim or paddle beyond your skills.

What if I can not swim?

Don't be too concerned. It's more of a question of how comfortable are you in the water. Wear your Personal Floatation Device (life jacket) at all times. In rivers you go with the flow and work your way toward shore. It doesn't require much swimming skill. You might want to float some small rapids in your PFD, with a person you trust and then decide if Whitewater rafting is for you.

Where is the nearest airport to the Rand Ranger Station?

Medford Airport is a Commercial Airport (48 miles)
Merlin Airport is a Private Airport (18 miles)